We know church planting can be a lonely experience, to have a supporting church near a 2020 plant can make all the difference!

We welcome churches to partner with 2020 by adopting a church plant. That might simply mean committing to pray, but in many cases Birmingham-based partner churches may be able to offer support in other ways. For example a partner church may offer support by:

  • Mentoring the planter and core-team in situ

  • Inviting a few members to consider joining the core group of the new church (perhaps some who live nearer the new plant than the partner church or some with a vision for the community the plant is seeking to reach).

  • Providing local knowledge of the area and helping a new church build relationships in the community

  • Providing administrative assistance (office space, photocopying facilities, storage)

  • Offering training for specific ministries to the plant

  • Supplying a start-up team to help kick-start new ministries (eg. Kids and youth work)

Interested in becoming a Partner Church with 2020birmingham? We would love to hear from you!

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